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Mentoring Is A Relationship



Mentors are masters of their craft.  They have invested years of learning and continue to do so.  They have endured the sacrifice, made the mistakes, and learned the lessons.

Mentoring is a relationship of Teacher and Student.  Mentoring is NOT befriending someone and then expecting them to just tell you all they know.

To be mentored is a privilege.  That means the mentor has seen your untapped potential and willing to teach you their knowledge.

Trust and respect must be established.  Being a Mentee requires you to be humble and have faith in the guidance and knowledge of your Mentor.

The biggest mistake a Mentee can make is over-confidence.  They refuse to listen and think they know what they’re doing.  They act before they think.

It is easy to get over-excited with your new found abilities.  You feel you can do anything and you want to save the whole world.  It is this mistake that can quickly lose the respect of the Mentor and, worst case, disband the relationship.

For those of you looking for a Mentor, ask yourself first if you are ready to commit as a student and invest the proper trust and respect required.


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