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Frequently Asked Questions



We offer free shipping on most items - except large items.  For large items, we use USPS for our shipping.  You will have an option of shipping methods at checkout.  We ship to USA and some countries.  Please confirm with us if we ship to your country.


We do not accept returns at this time.  Donated items are sold “as is”.  We inspect and verify donated items.  We do our best to describe the item and the condition on the listing. 

Donating paranormal items

Please include any documentation about the items.  For example:  documents from seller, printout of ebay listing, printout of item from seller’s store, etc.

Documentation will help us determine if the item is saleable and provide all the necessary information.

I want to donate, but I don't want to buy anything.

You can donate directly to the animal rescue fund via paypal.  Please click here >>>.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on the post office of the country we are shipping to.  When your order is shipped, we will send you an email and tracking number, so you can check the status of the delivery.

I created an account and nothing happened. I can't log in.

We have to approve a new created account first.  We do this to prevent spam, scammers, and troublemakers.  This ensures our website's safety and allows You a pleasant experience.  Once your account is approved, we will send you an email saying it is alright to log in.


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