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Do We Have Free Will? Computer Say NO


by Dantalion Jones

Your subconscious makes decisions for you up to 6 seconds before you "think" you do. In fact, a scientist watching an MRI of your brain can tell you what choice your going to make 6 seconds before you consciously make the choice.


So what does this say about our free will?

Well, it means that perhaps who we are is dictated less by the choices we make, and more by the information we take in.

If we think of your brain like a computer, imagine what would happen if we opened up every program at once and overloaded it with more functions than it could possibly process at one time. It would slow down and probably crash.

This is sort of in a way like your conscious mind, you can work with information, recall it, anylize it, and reason in your consciousness, but your attention span is only so limited, as is your ability to process too much information at one time. You might be able to handle 1 game of chess, but you probably can not play 800 games of chess at the same time, its just too much information to focus your attention on.

In fact, the very word "Conscious" comes from the prefix "con" (as in contrary) and "sci" (to know/knowledge, as in science). It is the ability to step outside our instinctive processes and know them from a contrary viewpoint. Consciousness is literally the state of knowing ourselves.

The subconscious on the other hand is more instictual. it is in the background, and is able to run so many more processes than our conscious mind could ever hope to handle.

For example, when you first learn to read, or ride a bike, it requires attention, focus, and the labor of reason in the conscious mind, but once you have trained your brain to handle the process, your subconscious can take over and run it quite effeciently allowing your conscious to focus now on other things without the burden of processing the information on a conscious level. This is how your conscious mind is protected against becoming over loaded with to much information processing at once. Now when you read, ride a bike, drive a car etc, you dont have to think about it, it just happens...

So here is where the mind control part comes in...advertisers, propagandists, and others are constantly trying to train your subconcious to execute a program without having to go through the filter of your consciousness, that acts as a gatekeeper.

A salesman for example may ask you multiple questions to which he knows the answer will be yes, to train you in the short term habit of responding positively, so that when it comes time to sign the check, you say "yes!"

And we have all seen the hidden subliminal marketing methods of imprinting phallic symbols and sexy women into advertising. Sex sells, but it sells because it is a very deeply engraned program in our subcosciouss mind.

In fact, the three of the most basic instincts of humans are procreation, food, and survival. These are represented in sex, food, and fear. When a mind controller wants to implant a message, they will often "key" it against one of those instincts. Watch for subliminal media that contains 1 of those 3 elements, it may be an attempt to encode a message or idea into your brain!

Another important thing to understand is the concept of anchoring, that is fusing two elements together to create a concept in your subconscious mind. For example, if an advertiser shows sexy women with a hamburger all the time, your sex instinct will have a pavlovian response to drive you to buy their hamburger. Your brain will associate the two together.

Think of all the different elements that a mind controller can anchor together to build a thought concept in your subconscious mind...color, sound, smell taste, emotions, words, music, instincts...amd many more, can all be anchored together to create a concept or belief, and you may have this belief programmed into you without even knowing it. And you will think its really you that believs it when in reality it came from outside of you! (the movie inception plays on this concept).

Who you listen to is way more important than what decisions you make...decisions are the effect of belief, not the cause! if it were the other way around, then conquering addictions or bad habits would be easy! but the subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind.

If you get more involved in this topic, you will begin to understand how mind controllers work...and when you watch movies like inception, the matrix, eyes wide shut etc. you will begin to understand the programming methods more... elements like mirrors, walls, doors, levels, elevators...these are all programming systems of the mind controllers that perform certain functions.

The truth is out there, you only need to need to search and you will find it!

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